The Ultro fighter is the standard fighter used by the ancient Te'an military, capable of interstellar travel.


Design detailsEdit

The ultro is a relatively small fighter, with a wingspan of 10 meters and a length of 14 meters. It consists of an elliptical cockpit, made of firmusglass, in the middle and two scalene wings on the sides. The wings also have plasma cannons built into them. The ultro is quite aerodynamic, having smooth, yet sharp surfaces. The wings of the plane cut through the air like a dagger through butter and the air rolls over the smooth, elliptical cockpit. The fighter makes great use of anti-gravity technology when in atmoshpere, as well as having a relativity drive, which provided it with an in-atmosphere top speed of 5.5 km/s (With ion afterburners enabled) and an acceleration of 15,000 Gs


The wings of the ultro each have two plasma cannons built into them, with a rate of fire of 4,200 rounds per minute. The plasma cannons used by ultroes are unique, in that rather than using power cells, like the majority of other plasma-based weapons, they use cartridges of ionized gas. The technology that went into the weapon is a well-kept secret, butit mamages to contain the massive firepower that each cannon has with a 100 terajoule shot 4,200 times per minute, to a very small areas. This minimizes collateral damage, so that when an ultro fires at an infantry target, they do not leave massive craters, even though the bolts certainly have enough power to do so.