The Transendensi is an Homage-class Merol heavy Battleship.

Technical specificationsEdit

The Transendensi differs little from other ships in her class. In addition to the antimatter power generation other Homage-class ships use, the Transendensi also makes direct use of reaction products for her engine, allowing her to go much faster than some of the fastest Te'an and Merol ships.


In 600,000 BC, the Transendensi was placed in the fleet of Valiant Consecration. While the disguised fleet was leaving Caput Mundi, a quarter of the fleet, including the Transendensi, broke off and returned to Caput Mundi with their visual bafflers disengaged.

During the short battle that ensued, the Transendensi managed to escape destruction at the hands of the Te'an in favour for detonanting her antimatter reactor in the atmosphere of Caput Mundi, destroying a Te'an city.