Praeliators are one of the many special forces within the Te'an army.


Praeliators are some of the most elite units with the Te'an military, and are incredibly dangerous. Praeliators are an all-volunteer fighting force, and anyone can apply to join. However, the training to become a praeliator. Each cohort is lead by a prefect. 

Praeliators perform Counter terrorism operations, direct action and unconventional warfare, and personnel and special equipment capture/recovery


Te'an Praeliators make up the bulk of the Te'an military forces. Their equipment is nothing special, for Te'an..

Their weapons consist of a R-4 Plasma rifle , a B-1 plasma pistol, and three to four incineration grenades, capable of vaporizing anything withing four meters

Their armor consists of Trikanra Mk II powered assault armor.