An ancient civilization, the Te'an reached their apex at around 5,000 BCE

Anatomy and PhysiologyEdit

The Te'an are a race of nine to ten foot tall Humanoids. They have very sharp canine teeth, extremely dense skin that is near bulletproof, and an impressive natural resiliance to all forms of radiation, poisons, and energy. Their bodies can withstand far more extremes than Humans. The average Te'an is able to easily lift a ton. Te'an are also known for their amazing immune system. Throughout their history, many opponents have used biological weapons against the Te'an, but within a day of each attack all Te'an exposed to whatever biological agent used develop a natural resistance to it. 


The leader of the Te'an is the Imperial Commander. The Imperial Commander appoints Imperial Legislators to govern Star Systems under Te'an control and Imperial Secretaries to act as his or her proxy when he/she cannot appear in person. 


The Te'an military consists of the Te'an Navy, Te'an Army, and Te'an Honor Guard Corp. The total size of the Te'an military is around  five trillion Te'an. The Te'an are extremely aggressive and effecient when it comes to war. Any warring party without shielded worlds stands no chance against them, as the Te'an tend to turn planets to glass, or slag.