Nephthys is an incredibly powerful Te'an, a member of the Ennead, and a member of the Order of Theikos.


Early LifeEdit

Nephthys was born into a wealthy family, the daughter of Gebeb and Neuth. After serving her required time in the Nequam exercitus, Nephthys pursued a political career. 

Ennead and the Order of TheikosEdit

When she was about a hundred years old, Nephthys became a member of the Ennead, and a year after that she was accepted into the Order of Theikos. With her acceptance into these two groups, she gained many powers, and access to a plethora of new technology. Working for these two groups, Nephthys quickly became a widely-known and beloved member of the Te'an leadership.

Battle of Reiko VIIIEdit

At the battle of Reiko VIII, Nephthys led a centuria of eighty praeliators into battle against an army of 65,000 Teribs. The battle, lasting for a week, saw the death of seventy praeliators. In the lsat days of the battle, Nephthys used her special powers to obliterate the Terib army. Her show of force forced a surrender from Terib chieftans.


Due to the advanced modifications the Te'an are capable of, Nephthys has the ability to control water (and heavy water). She can bend the water to her will, and change the state of water from liquid to gas or ice. Her suit has its own A.I, with which she interacts in order to maximize her efficiency in just about everything.