Merol Commandoes
Physical information




13 ft.


MC1 Plasma Assault Rifle, MR (Merol Rifle)


Chaos grenade

Chronological and political information


Merol Empire




Battle of Epides, First Battle of Caput Mundi, First Battle of Erna, Second Battle of Caput Mundi

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Merol Commandos are the toughest Merol soldiers out there. They weigh in at 400 pounds and are at least thirteen feet tall.


Commandos are cloned from the genetic template of an extremely succesful warrior. Because of the advanced cloning process, the embreyo of a Commando takes about 1.75 days to fully develop its brain and nervous system and begin transmitting brainwaves. Once this happens, the Commandos are subjected to rigorous mental training via a supercomputer that their brains are hooked up to (The average cloning facility can grow up to 20,000 clones at any given time).The simulations run teach the Merol Commandos everything they would need to become a succesful soldier.

Part of the cloning process inculdes the genetic modificatioin of the cell. which results in the heavier, taller, more durable, and stronger Merol produced. Once old enough [Around seven years of age (due to the advanced growth process, Commandos reach the equivalent of seven years old in about 7.6 weeks)] Commandos recieve further augmentations that increase the strength of their bones, joints, and ligaments.

Training begins once the Merol is developed enough to move around independently. They do everything from physical training, combat simulations, and even live fire training. Commandos are trained for every possible situation from special reconaissance to basic infantry roles.

The treatment they recieve is harsh, with trainers often beating those who fail at their tasks to near death. They also recieve the bare minimum to survive off of for the duration of their life in training camps. Commandos are also incredibly smart, and have a mastery of almost everything, from military tactics to biotechnology and trigonometry. All of it due to the rigorous mental and physical training they recieve. Because of their mental training, it is near impossible to "break" the mind of a Commando with anything short of a timelock.

Commandos can ignore virtually all types of pain, even that caused by fatal injuries. Even emotional pain is ignored by Commandos.

Commandos are trained to operate both individually and in teams. Though they do specialize, every Commando is required to know the basics of everything. A single Merol Commando could perform the role of anything from a basic infantry rifleman, to a sniper, to demolitions, or a medic. No role is beyond their capability. Individually, Commandos are already fearsome, capable of completing nearly any task assigned. In a team, nothing short of Te'an praeliators can match the cohesiveness with which a team of Commandos can operate.


  • Because of the advanced rate of growth, one would expect a Merol Commando to expire after about 4.9 years. However, this is not the case. Merol Commandos, on average, live to be 210 years old--just 26 years short of the average lifespan of normal Merol. Proportionally, this is equivalent to a normal Merol living 10,114.3 years.