Hammer of Alar
Production information


Te'an Naval Shipyards

Technical specifications


3 km


  • Planetary Assault Railgun
 *Point Defence Guns
 *200 Plasma Guns
 *400 Norob Missile Hardpoints


Capital Ship

Present for battles/events

First Battle of Euykot


Euykotian Armed Forces

Known owner(s)


Known commander(s)


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The Hammer of Alar is a Kandel-class cruiser captured by Astarte during her time serving under Skouro Proti, and assigned to the defence fleet of Euykot.


The three kilometer long ship had a triangular hull covered in ablative panels. It was equipped with a heavy force shield generator and armed with a single, spinal mount planetary assault railgun.

On either side of the ship were a hundred Class-3 Merol plasma cannons, each capable of a maximum 15 kilotons of firepower. At 15 kilotons, though, it took a minute to recharge. Kandel cruisers and Class-3 plasma cannons are very outdated. During their time, they were most often used during the large-scale slugging matches between large fleets. As weapon's technology advanced, however, the Class-3 cannons and their counterparts were discarded in favour of cannons that were capable of more rapid fire with the same amount of energy (the fire rate of the Class-3 and her various counterparts could be increased, but at the cost of decreased firepower

The ship was also lined with 400 heavy missile hardpoints, each capable of firing a single Norob missile every fifteen seconds.


The ship was given to Vorzo to use in the first battle of the Sirian-Ogre war, which took place some hundred thousand kilometers away from Euykot. It was due to the intervention of Euykotion forces that the Ogres won the battle. Had it not been for Vorzo's ship, the Ogre fleet would likely have been decimated.