The HRS Nuremberg is the currently the second strongest ship in the Human Navy, surpassed only by the HRS London

Technical SpecificationsEdit

The Nuremberg is a Germany-class Battleship. It's 30 kilometers long, 5 kilometers wide, and and 4 1/2 kilometers tall. Her primary weapons consist of six Hydrex-3 cannons , three on each side of the ship, and one Hydrex-3pk on the bow. The secondary armament was twenty Hyperion-3pk Missiles . The tertiary armament was 800 modified Maser guns , 400 on each side. The modified guns raised the power of the weapons to 500 Gigatons; the modifications were done by the Red Hand. The shield was an immensely powerful, Rayden-Supertech type-II Mars shield, which could take around eight Petatons. The propulsion system was a Rachneed-Red Hand Aphex-5 Sublight drive, with a maximumm acceleration of 45,000 Gs. The Warp drive was an advanced Shey model, modified by the Red Hand, capable of 30,000 lightyears per hour when at full power. The Nuremburg had three hangers. One ventral hanger, one in its midsection, and one dorsal hanger. Each hanger was protected by a double layer of energy shields, and had a Rosite blast door. Each hanger could hold around 66 F-202 Eagle fighters.


The Nuremberg was deployed in 2400. It was the strongest ship at that time, and is still the second strongest ship in the Human navy as of 2410. It hasn't seen any real combat, but its complement of 15,000 Marines were some of the best the Human Republic had to offer. It's first real deployment was in the year 2410 where they were sent to the Jahat system, along with Delta team, the Quebec fleet, and the Bavaria fleet. Here, they encountered the Te'an, where the Nuremberg met its match, something the Human Republic never anticipated.