The Citatus-class isn't normally used for offensive operations, but reserved, rather, for defensive actions.

Technical specificationEdit

The two kilometer long cruiser, while having the armament of a cruiser, lacks the armor of one. The armor used by the Citatus is generally found on frigates, however, the Citatus is as fast, if not faster, than most Te'an frigates, with a thust upwards of 60,000 Gs. The ship is armed with hundreds of point defense lasers, designed for combatting enemy fighters, though they can be used in ship-to-ship combat at near point-blank range. The main armament of the cruiser is her bow-mounted gun, which fires a beam of plasma so powerful, simply two one-second long bursts can overcome the shields on a Montreal-class Battleship. She is also equipped with several laser banks, capable of carving holes clean through two meters of Rosite . The bow of the ship, like most other Te'an ships, is designed like a sharp axe, and is more than capable of ramming other ships, even larger ones, without any substantial damage to the cruiser itself.